Magnetic Connections


Owner Testimonial: Jeff Becker, Founder of Magnetic Connections

While at a RV show, I discovered a vendor selling magnetic jewelry for pain relief and after a brief conversation, she gave me a piece of jewelry to try. I was quite skeptical since I have been in pain due having 52 bones broken in my body as well as having a major motorcycle accident that broke my back in five places, pelvis in two, leaving me paralyzed from the waist down. I was told that I would never walk again. Well, I did recover my ability to walk, but was in constant pain. I was on Viox and Celebrex to help manage my pain. What did I have to lose by trying this piece of jewelry?

Within three and a half hours, I was completely free of pain after living with acute pain for over 20 some years. Still being skeptical, but continuing to wear the jewelry and hopeful that this was indeed the REAL thing, I purchased over $500.00 of jewelry to resell to find out if it worked for other people besides myself. From the response of everyone that I sold it to, they all came back and said that it has helped them in various degrees of pain relief. What I found is that since everyone's metabolism is different, the results varied from person to person. Some had found complete pain relief like I did and some found that it relieved most of their pain, helping to make it more manageable to live with.

Convinced now that this was for real and not in my head and that others were getting helped, too, I quit my full time job and started Magnetic Connections nine months later.

Now since starting the business, I have sold thousands of pieces of jewelry. Not only have people bought my designs for pain relief, but they have also purchased them for the look as well as the ease of putting them on and taking them off with magnetic connectors instead of standard jewelry clasps. I continue to see the same pain relief results in the people buying my product. People have told me that it has helped with arthritis, tendonitis, carpal tunnel, migraine headaches, fibromyalgia, and many other types of chronic pain.

I felt that it was important to get feedback from the people buying my jewelry for pain relief. I am now building a testimonial page from my customers so that others can read that it's not just me that's benefiting from this product. Please feel free to read the following testimonials as well as e-mail me with your own experience.





I recently had the opportunity to purchase a 2- strand bracelet at one of your shows in Pennsylvania. I have high cholesterol and have had pain in my hand, wrist, and elbow since taking my medication. After wearing the magnetic bracelet for a week, my pains have been dramatically reduced. I believe my relief has come from wearing this bracelet and am convinced that this type of an item will be helpful to all those whose experience this type of pain. Every week that I wear this bracelet, I find that my pain is reduced even more. Thank you for making this magnetic bracelet available.

Sincerely yours,
Clarence Jones

Hi Jeff,

I purchased a double bracelet at the RV show Thursday the 8th. I have had a back and neck injury and have had a hard time walking for any length of time. I purchased the bracelet when we first arrived at the show. I was a little skeptical even though I have heard very positive things about magnets. I was able to visit all three buildings. I really feel it has helped. My question is can someone order on line or do we have to catch you at a show? I would like to order a necklace for my husband. He was the big guy with the white beard. In fact before the night was over, he wanted my bracelet. Fortunately for me, his wrist is much bigger than mine. Thanks for your patience and the patience of the lady working with you. She was very helpful in my selection. I am very pleased.

Joyce Blasczienski

Hi Jeff,

I want to thank you. Before I bought one of your bracelets I suffered some intense pain in my right knee. I had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia a few years ago. My doctor had me on just about every pain killer out there. I was even prescribed vioxx, and being in my late 20s, taking a medicine that my grandma takes was not making me happy. Needless to say the vioxx only worked for a couple of months. But since the first day I placed the bracelet around my wrist I have been virtually pain free. Being able to climb stairs without pain, and walk around the mall without limping is amazing to me. So again thank you so very much for having such a product on the market.

Wendy Foster


I am writing you to thank you for showing me just how well the jewlery works . We met at the Rochester Golf show, I was working at the Musty Putter booth and was on my feet for two days, My lower back was killing me from standing and bending, then I met you and bought a mens Double Bracelet. Within a half hour the pain was easing, within about 4 hours it was virtually gone, I have been wearing it for a week now and much to my surprize I feel better in general, I have little or no back pain so I have been sleeping better and now I have more energy. Thank you again for turning me on to such a wonderful product.

Dave Alloco, Musty Putters.


My name is Jane Geist and I saw you at the show in Allentown on Sunday. I had bought a bracelet from Jeff, walked around for about 10 minutes, and came back for more. You made a necklace for me. I have a little something for the testimonial section of your website. I'll just write it here and then you can use it if you want. Is that how easily this works? Anyway, I just bought a bracelet for my sister and my husband. Hope they like it as much as I do. This is my third day wearing the bracelet and necklace and I have not had ANY back pain. It seems miraculous. I'm so glad I stumbled across you! Thanks for doing what you do!
It sounds like it would be something that could not possibly happen, and yet it has. It is so simple I almost feel silly saying how powerful it has been for me. I have had back pain for more than 20 years. In less than 10 minutes of wearing a magnetic bracelet, I felt a sort of humming all through my body and a lightheadedness. And then, I felt my back ease. I have been wearing a magnetic bracelet and necklace ever since I put them on three days ago. I have not had any back pain.

Jane Geist
Allentown, PA


      I just wanted to e-mail you to let you know how highly my husband thinks of your product. He saw your booth at a golf show and of course, was sceptical about whether this product would really work on his pain(he's an electrician and does a lot of heavy labor and his hands tend to ache constantly). He cannot believe the difference in his pain level since he has begun using your product! We have told our friends about this and given them the information so they too can try this amazing jewelry. Just wanted to thank you so much.....he feels much better, it REALLY works!!!

Sincerely,   The Wilsons

I bought one of your magnetic collars for my dog and it has done wonders! My dog is 14 years old and arthritic, unable to take medication for pain because of a pancreas problem. He’s been wearing his magnetic collar for several months now & is noticeable more active and seems relatively pain free.

I honestly didn’t think the magnets would work, but I’m a believer now. The vet has noticed the improvement as well and has encouraged the use of the collar. So Trigger and I both thank you for your excellent product!

Stephanie in Texas

My daughter purchased a magnetic bracelet for my mom and one for me. We wear them all of the time, even to bed (except to shower). We use them for health reasons and love them.

Thank you. Joan Roy

I received your bracelet about a week ago and put it on immediately. I wore it every day for about a week and it does wonders.

Thank you. Austin Joerger

Well, here I am to tell you that your bracelet really is working for me!!! I know you had no doubts, but I sure did. I'm still skeptical, but am eager to see if it keeps working this well. I would say that the bracelet is relieving my fibromyalgia pain by 80%, some days more, some days less. I really never thought that could happen Thank you SO much!!

Chris Petosa, Baldwinsville

Hello Jeff & Jennifer - When I heard the list of benefits from wearing a magnetic bracelet, I was particularly interested in getting a better night's sleep. I had been sleeping 5 to 6 hours a night. I now sleep 7 to 8 hours a night since wearing the magnetic bracelet. I am, to say the least ... PLEASED!

Sincerely, Marianne Drouillard, McGregor, ON Canada

I purchased a necklace, bracelet and anklet at the show in the Allentown Expo Center. I simply love the design and have had no problems with my back since wearing these items.

Donna Reidenhour

Jeff: To say that I was skeptical about your claims of the healing powers of your product, is an understatement. But I gave in to the pressure that my daughter brought to bear. I am so glad that I did. After three weeks the reduction of pain in my joints was quite remarkable. Wearing a bracelet certainly beats knee surgery fully endorse your magnetic jewelry!

Geraldine McDowell

I bought a double bracelet from your stand at the Quaker Arts Festival in Orchard Park in September of last year (04). I have since been off all medication for my arthritis since then and have send 4 people to buy bracelets for themselves. I get compliments all the time on the beauty of the bracelet.

Maryann Baumgart

Hi - My husband went to a Sportsmen Show at the Syracuse Fairgrounds yesterday & picked up a bracelet for me - not even KNOWING it was magnetic. (I'm a bracelet junkie.) I've got something going on in my right shoulder socket - no idea what, but when I reach a certain way, it just about sends me. I've had the bracelet on since yesterday afternoon & I really think I'm feeling some relief !!! GO FIGURE !!!! I'm going to call you later today to see about a necklace. Talk to you soon !!!!!

Barbara Vought

Jeff: I have suffered with pains in my left leg for almost 10 years. I have tried every OTC pain medication on the market, plus homeopathic medicine. Exercising wasn't working, in fact, my leg felt worse and walking was out of the question! I was consuming about 1,500 mg. of pain medication daily. Nothing seemed to work.

On a recent visit to the Altamont Fair in August of 2004, I spotted your booth and purchased my first magnetic bracelet. I have to admit, though, I was very skeptical, but then I figured, I was spending a lot of money on pain remedies and if it didn't help, I just bought myself a nice bracelet. In September, around my birthday, I noticed that I wasn't consuming any pain medication. I was able to stand on my toes, run, and flex my leg, all without any pain! I'm feeling great and also my sleep has improved. Now I can spend my money on fun things instead of pain medication.

Thanks for sharing a wonderful product. :O)

Deb Tutay

Jennifer, it was nice to see you again at the NJ Golf Show. The main reason I went to the show was to purchase another bracelet for myself and one for a friend. She has severe back pain and over the Christmas holidays when I was visiting, I let her try my bracelet for the day. When i was leaving, she said her pain had subsided dramatically. Now she can have her own bracelet and enjoy the benefits that I have had over the last year. I wear it constantly and it has helped alleviate my back pain. I would recommend your product to anyone. See ya next year!!!!!!!!!!

Jack Karol

Hi. I'm a Fairport NY resident who has been wearing your double bracelet (#2010) since last Fall…and by the way, I'm a true believer - it really does work!

Judie Selman

When you were at the Leesport Farmers Market Craft Fair in Pennsylvania on March 19, 2005 I stopped by your stand. After talking with one of your staff members I decided to give a double bracelet a try. I am not completely pain free but at least I can function better and with far less pain. I decided to order a bracelet for my husband to see what it might do for him as well. The Farmers Market will have another Craft Fair and I know I will be stopping by it to purchase yet another item or more.

Linda Burkhard

Recently my 35 yr. old son, Russell, came over to visit. He said he was just at the doctor's office getting a cortisone shot and a prescription for his arthritis pain. Russell had also received a shot two weeks before. He said the pain and swelling in his arm and hand was terrible. I had bought a bracelet for myself about three months ago when my cousin told me about the bracelets that she and her husband bought from the Magnetic Connections. Anyway, on March 8, 2005 I bought a Double Men's Bracelet from Jennifer for Russell. I brought it to him at his job where he is a mechanic of town trucks and snow plows. He put the bracelet on and called me 2 1/2 hours later to tell me that the pain level had dramatically been reduced. I went back to Jennifer's the next day and bought one for my husband and other son.

I don't know how they work, but they really do reduce the pain from arthritis. If you are suffering from arthritis pain, you should get one. You'll be amazed at how they work.

Sincerely, Pat Cammarata Rochester, NY

My husband Frank had a bracelet made for me at the Sportsman show in Hamburg, NY and I really love it. It helps with my health problems tremendously. I can see a difference in circulation and arthritis already.

Kathryn Perry

Two are better than one! I bought one of your anklets at the Golf Show in Edison, NJ, then another at the Flemington Craft Show. I had intended to wear one at a time and switch off, but wore both home for convenience sake. What a difference it made! One anklet made me sleep better and made my morning stiffness go away, but wearing two has made me feel even better, if that is possible! I swear by your product. My boyfriend (who suffers from arthritis in his knees) wears his bracelet and agrees; we are customers for life! Thank you for improving our quality of life.

Sue Shrott

I bought a week ago a double bracelet and my headaches are improved. I feel much better .

Irit Marko

Jeff,Jenn, Thank you so much for having me out to your home to purchase my bracelet. I am feeling better very day.

Mike Maibohm

Jennifer, I just have to thank you so much for your help at Leesport on Sunday, You not only fixed my bracelet for me, but I also bought another bracelet and a necklace. And if anyone is just thinking that they do not work they should just try it. I have had back problems for years as well as other aches and pains, and since I wear my bracelet my pain is gone. Just keep making your jewelry. I hope to see you at your next event in the Lehigh Valley. Thanks again for helping me.

Sueann Mease

I purchased a double bracelet from you over the summer at either Park Ave. or Corn Hill Festival. I love my bracelet! I have worn it everyday since my purchase. I have found great relief from my migraines, as well as my arthritis. Thank you for making such a wonderful product.

Carol Zogby

Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that I'm very pleased with the magnetic bracelet I purchased at the Dome in November. Generally, I'm the skeptic of the century when it comes to this type of remedy. However, I have for quite some time now, awoke to lower back pain. Since wearing the bracelet, my pain is virtually gone!

Thanks! Dianne Harrington

My husband and I both bought bracelets at the RV show in Syracuse this past Saturday. It has, so far, lessened my neck pain and wrist pain and my husband's knee pain. I just wanted you to know - I said I would admit to it so here I am. We were very hesitant to believe it – but they work.

Thank you. Linda J. Goode

The jewelry works !!! I got my bracelet last yr in Canandaigua Art show on the lake. Had I not found your booth I would have had to go home as my back and legs hurt so much. It is never far from me and I feel lost without it. Thanks again for your Jewelry. Don't stop making it.!!!

Deanna Mckelvey

Dear Jennifer - You may not remember me but I am the kid from the Canandaigua Arts Festival who gets the migraines about four times a week. You made me a black bracelet for me. I have only had two migraines since I got it on July 16th, I wasn't wearing my bracelet when I got those two migraines. Every time I feel a migraine starting it stops after about a half hour.

Hi Jennifer - I bought a magnetic Bracelet from you at the PA Expo Center at the home show. I have had back and knee pain due to running. I put on the bracelet and within 20 minutes my back pain was gone, by morning my knee pain was gone.

My husband bought an ankle bracelet. He has more serious back pain than myself. His back pain began 12 years ago with a fall. He has been in pain ever since, prednisone and steroid injections have been the only thing that seems to lessen the pain. Well within 2 days of wearing the ankle bracelet he has no longer had the severe pain. We just returned from a week in Disney World where we were nonstop on the go. It was great; we were all pain free.

Another success story includes my father-in-laws experience. At the expo we also purchased a bracelet for my father-in-law. He had been flat on his back for over a week with back pain. It took a few days, but he is feeling great. He hasn't taken it off yet. I think he is afraid to.

I love your product so much that I have shared my experience with many people. Hopefully they will be contacting you. If you have any extra business cards I will be happy to pass them out.

Thank you so much. I will be ordering more to wear with other outfits. They not only have a purpose but they are stylish.

Eileen Haddad, Kutztown, PA 19530

Dear Jennifer - I would like to thank you for fixing my ankle bracelet! How refreshing to find a company whose products are reasonably priced and who are so quick to assist customers when a problem occurs.

I am so pleased with both the ring and the new bracelet that I purchased at the Dome Arena last evening. Having worn a bracelet and the anklet for awhile now, I am looking forward to adding these pieces to my collection.

Thank you again for your assistance and for introducing me to your product. There might not be a cure for my arthritis but I can at least bring myself some relief...and make a fashion statement as well!

See you soon! Linda Marino

I purchased one of your bracelets at the boat show @ Turning Stone a few months ago. I was having headaches due to a stomach surgery. I am sorry I haven't written before now to thank you and tell you that I have been almost headache free since about 2 weeks after I bought it. IT WORKED!!!!

Thank you!!!! Karen Eustice

Jennifer, Thank you so much for making my necklace at your house, its working! and it is beautiful. No more neck pain.

Thanks, Linda Speranza

Jennifer, Just FYI: It has now been six days with my double bracelet on. In those 6 days I have not used my Ultram pain medicine once (as I did , 1x/day).....Plus, I have used my muscle relaxant med, only one time!! Magnetic therapy is REALLY WORKING for me!

Thanx! Ellie Burgess July 21, 2005

Thanx for the info - love the bracelet!!! - About the magnets. I broke my foot awhile back and they help keep the swelling down….Well you both take care and I love your products….show them off all the time - I am always wearing one on wrist and ankle. Love, love them.

Darcy White

Jennifer: Just as I thought!! Your magnetic jewelry is helping my younger daughter with her knee and foot arthritis/injuries.!!

Ellie Burgess, July 25, 2005

I purchased a single bracelet on 07/31 in Spencerport, N.Y. and by 4:00 that day the pain in my right shoulder was completely gone. I wore it to bed that evening and was able to sleep on my right side with no pain. I am going to purchase an ankle bracelet at the next show.

Sue Brownell

Hi Jennifer. While at the women's expo (my son was a vendor) in Rochester I purchased three bracelets - one for me, one for mom and one for a friend. I love my bracelet and it really helped the arthritis in my finger.

Thanks. Carol Imrich

Just got a bracelet at Walnut Hill. I have been less than three days with my bracelet and feel much better. My shoulder moves again. I have referred two people to you and will continue to do so. Thanks a million for the relief.

All the best, Linda Higby

I bought one of your bracelets at Corn Hill Festival. I love it then decided to buy a necklace and ring too. I have little pain but not like I did before. THANK YOU.

Pauline Ohl

Hi – we met you guys at the home show and bought 4 bracelets. My husband was the one that crushed the bone in his wrist and was going through therapy. His bracelet worked for him, even though he is still going through therapy. My mother has had no knee or leg pain since she put hers on at Christmas. I have had no knee pain since I put mine on at the home show. Thanks so much!

Nancy & Steve Ball

I was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I am only 21 and the pain I feel everyday is indescribable. No pain reliever helped. I purchased a bracelet from you at the Lilac Festival. I stayed at the festival for over 5 hours. Normally I would not be able to walk normal after a day like that – my hip would be popping every 5 minutes and my knees would be stiff. When we left, I could walk normal and had no pain or stiffness. At that point, I knew that the jewelry was working.

I came back a few days later and purchased another bracelet for me, a necklace and a few more bracelets for some friends. I love your product and am thankful for the life it is allowing me to have.

Sincerely, Jessica Morales

P.S. I no longer take my pain medications. Most of my pain is gone !!

I met you at the Allentown Craft show. My fiancé & I purchased the bracelets. I have to tell you that I love this bracelet. I have not had a headache or migraine in 2 weeks that I have been wearing my bracelet. In the past, I was getting headaches and/or migraines quite frequently. The headaches were so severe that they would disrupt my daily life. Now I can enjoy my days headache-free. Thank you for this great magnetic connection.

Stacy Rissmiller

My sister, Karen Bennett, recently gave me a double bracelet. I was taking 12 motrin daily for arthritis and other aches and pains. I admit I was very skeptical at first and I thought my sister was crazy. But the bracelet was given to me so I figured 'what the heck'. I started wearing it and stopped the motrin. People were asking me if it worked and I had to say that as silly as I felt saying it, it does work.

My husband thought I was really off my rocker. He was reading your testimonials and he said, let me see your bracelet. Well he refused to give it back and slept with it on that night. He has bursitis, back and leg pain and is a diabetic. When he woke up the next morning, I asked him how he felt. He said he could not believe it but he actually felt different and he had not taken any of his pain medications.

Thank you for your bracelets.

Sincerely, Kris Brooks

Thank you for fixing my son's broken bracelet. The turn-around time was very fast. I bought a bracelet from you too. I was a little skeptical but my sore arm feels so much better! Thanks again,

Lydia St.Denis

Hello. I had the pleasure of purchasing a bracelet from you at the Naples Grape (or Art?) Festival last August. (I've had many compliments). It has been a great help as I have tendonitis in both arms and feel almost no pain since getting it. My cousin recommended your product after receiving one as a gift herself.

Eileen Dohnalek, Chicago Illinois (one time Rochester resident)

Hello. I purchased one of your double magnetic bracelets at the Great Northern Mall in Clay, New York a couple months ago. It has worked great and I love it.

Joe Montreal

I bought one of your bracelets at the home show in Pennsylvania. It has done wonders for my migraines & back & should pain.

Cheryl Lewis

Jennifer - Thanks for the offer of help, but the bracelet seems OK for my Dad. I was going to save it for Fathers Day, but decided to give it to him early. Both of us (me especially) have had a marked difference in the every day pain we were feeling, so we have had success!

I have given your card and website to several of my friends and co-workers-

Chris Ewanow

Hi. A few hours ago, I bought a men's double bracelet from you in Rhinebeck, NY. It may be just my imagination, but my back pain feels better. I think I'm going to order a bracelet for my mother, who has had 2 surgeries for back pain, but still suffers immensely. I'm glad to have met you today.


Looking forward to receiving your bracelet. My husband swears by the one he bought just a week ago!

Linda Lindsay

I purchased a double bracelet at Walnut Hill and have been headache/migraine free since. Thought I'd try an anklet too!! Thanks!!

Jan Miller

I purchased a bracelet from you at the Lockport Craft Show. It has helped tremendously and I have not taken any pain meds since I started wearing it. My husband did tell me there was a fool born every minute, meaning he didn't believe your product would work. He is willing to give it a try.

Thank you very much, Diane Walker

I recently purchased 2 of your bracelets in Ellicottville since July 5. My mother in law has had no numbing in her fingers thanks to the bracelet. She has suffered for sometime now; she is doing very well. I am ok sleeping very well with a little less pain but it might take longer cuz of the severity of the fibromyalgia.

Thank you, Debbie Edworthy

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I was at the French Festival in Cape Vincent on July 10th and purchased my second double bracelet! Let me digress... I went to the craft fair in Stone Mills a year ago and was first attracted to the jewelry because, let's face it, I love jewelry! When I put on a bracelet, I felt the effects of the magnetism immediately, not knowing that there would be anything special about the pretty bracelet! Well, I was hooked! As I waited, we designed a double bracelet using both gold and silver beads. I wear the bracelet almost daily, making sure to at least wear it at night. I am a firm believer that it has helped with the painful stiffness in my hands due to arthritis. OK, now fast-forward to yesterday... I went in search of your booth because I knew I wanted another option... maybe something dressier. Again, we designed a bracelet just for me and I'm already getting compliments on it. I must admit, you'll probably see me again in Stone Mills this year... your product is amazing!!! I can't thank you enough!

Joanne Anderson

Dear Jeff and Jennifer

A friend of mine bought a double bracelet from you at the lilac festival in Rochester, NY. After wearing the bracelet for 3 days she told me how much pain relief she felt. She gave me your phone numbers.

During the summer and fall months I sell produce at outdoor farmers markets, which means standing and working on parking lot surfaces 6 days a week. My first market of the season was July 3. By the time the day was over my right knee would bend only with the greatest of effort. I decided to contact you then and there. Jennifer told me Magnetic Connections was set up at the Irondequoit festival. I went right over and purchased a double bracelet. I began getting relief almost immediately.

I have been doing markets all week, with very little discomfort. After years of suffering I actually enjoy getting out walking, as my medical doctor has encouraged me to do. So thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to experience feeling good again.

Sandy Casamento

My husband and brother have necklaces that I bought them, and they both love them...My brother finally realized that he does help him when he does wear them. Thanks again.

Deborah Reeb

I attended the home show in Allentown last week, and purchased a magnetic bracelet at your stand. I am feeling better with it. Thank you .

Mary Parks

Hello Jennifer,

I met you and Jeff at the Dansville balloon festival and bought one of your bracelets. I really appreciated that Jeff made me one while I waited. It's amazing how great it works and how beautiful it looks too. Thank you. Cathy

Love your jewelry….and it definitely works for me….I can’t be without it or the pain returns within 12 hours. I have referred several customers to you. I initially get compliments on the bracelet and then when I tell my story, they’re sold!!

Linda McPherron

Brenda and I just got your magnet jewelry at Leesport on Sunday. I got the black necklace and she got the silver bracelet. I got it to see if it would reduce the headaches I often get and have noticed that this week so far faint headaches have come and gone without taking any medication. Now its too early to tell for sure but if that is the case I am elated. The other thing I notice is last night I slept so deeply that Brenda had to shake me to wake me. I never heard the alarm. I remember you telling us that on Sunday. I can't remember the last time I sleep so soundly and knew it. With both of us wearing the magnets is it conceivable to have a closer bond together?

Kevin and Brenda Stein

I had a beautiful ankle bracelet that my daughter bought for me at a craft fair. It really helped the pain in my ankle and knee.

Maxine Ciccarelli

Everything’s great with the bracelet I bought at the Stone Mills site. It's even helping out my knee. People just love it. I have given your name to lots of people.


I bought a necklace at a show in Hammondsport and so far I have had great results in the magnets effect on fatigue and muscle pain. Thank you!

Jim Winnek

At first I didn’t believe in the magnetics, but at the NY State Fair, my friend and I bought one and they really do work. I have a single right now and still have some pain so I thought I would get the double and feel even better. Thank you.

Cheryl Washburn

I bought a bracelet at the New York state fair. I put it on not thinking it would really work. But a few days later I realized I wasn’t in pain as I got out of bed. Every morning I would have to do exercises to get my back to stop hurting. After wearing this bracelet I have no back pain at all. I have more energy and feel so great! I told my co-workers and gave them your website and they will be ordering from you soon. Thanks so much.


Two friends, who have had pain relief of bad knees and also hot flash improvement, recommended your product! I am impressed and hope to see similar results with my heel spurs and assorted aches.

Elizabeth Karan

I bought the bracelet at the NYS Fair. I haven't taken it off since. I see quite a change in the intensity of my pain. I am going up and down stairs much better than before. Thank you so much....

Rosemary Recore

I purchased a magnetic bracelet from you this summer at the Irondequoit Craft Fair and really loved it. This bracelet has been a blessing to me as it has helped my arthritis pain immensely. Thanks so much.

Kay Rhinebeck

These bracelets really work. We now have had several of our family and friends buying them from you also.

LuAnn Wells

Great product! I have told many friends about it!!

Richard Roller

The first bracelet that I purchased helped so much that I decided to buy a second one!

Mary Roller

It will be three weeks tomorrow since we bought your magnetic jewelry at the New York State Fair. I bought a necklace and my wife bought a bracelet with the matching ankle bracelet. I believe in the power of magnets since I have worn the NIKKEN products and also sold them.

I wanted to be sure the necklace worked. Thirty minutes after wearing the necklace I could feel it working. The following day I quit taking glucosamine & chondroitin and Tylenol Arthritis. I do take the Tylenol prior to playing golf but not the g&c. I have the start of arthritis in my thumb joint and a herniated disc in my back. The necklace really eases the pains and makes life easier. So glad I walked by your booth and stopped.

My wife does not have any problems but she did like the design of the bracelets. We have mentioned your products to friends who also believe in magnets and given them your website address.

Thanks so much for the success of your magnetic jewelry. Best regards, Ken and Barbara Lenish

Jeff, I have one of your bracelets I got as a gift. I got so much relief from the pain in my wrist and especially allover, because I have fibromyalgia. My granddaughter was playing with me and grabbed my wrist and her fingers got caught in the bracelet and broke it. I will be sending it back to you to be repaired. Please return as quickly as possible as I don't want to ever be without it again.

Thank you, Lisa L. Jarrell

My daughter bought a bracelet at the Hilton apple fest for her fingers and it worked. So here I am ordering mine.

Linda Holzer

I bought a magnetic bracelet at the Hilton Apple Festival on Oct. 2nd. I really love the bracelet and was amazed at how much better my shoulder and arm felt with it! I had told a lot of people about what a difference it made.

Dawn Hurd

My father-in-law gave me a bracelet and I haven’t taken it off since. It seems to relieve the shooting pains in my hands from my fibromyalgia.

Marianne Moshano

These bracelets actually do work, much to my surprise. Beside, they are also attractive.

Steve Drooker

I am very pleased with my double bracelet. I bought mine at the NYS Fair and am I’m convinced it started working as soon as I put it on. Thank you so very much.

Cindy McClary

We bought 2 bracelets in July at the Syracuse Street Rod Nationals. We both think your product has helped us with a number of ailments. Thanks for providing a wonderful product.

Charlotte Plunkett, Cortland, NY

I want to say I love your product. I wear at least one piece daily. Thanks again.

Vicki Furlong

I purchased a bracelet in Stone Mills and I can say, without a doubt, that I experienced immediate relief in my shoulders.

Wayne Marshall

I only had my bracelet a short time, but I believe it has helped with some arthritis and back pain.

Pete LaCorte

I purchased a double bracelet at one of your shows and found great relief in my hands.

Joan Hermanek

I bought a double bracelet in September and have worn it faithfully each day. I have to tell you my back / shoulder pain was eliminated totally while wearing the bracelet.


I purchased one of your magnetic bracelets from you at the Lilac Fest. It is working great for me!

Sandra Smalls

When I bought my necklace from you at the Syracuse Gun show, my twin brother laughed at me. We are 61 years old and always before at the gun show, by noontime my feet and back hurt so bad that I would take a break and have to sit down. I bought the necklace around 10 am and I put it on and forgot about. On our way back to the car after the show closed at 3pm, I realized that my feet and back weren’t hurting so bad when my brother was complaining about his! After dinner later, I realized that I was able to get out of the booth and walk without pain to the door. Previously, my arthritis would hurt so bad that I would be hobbling out the door. As a probation officer, I am required to take defensive tactics training as well as firearms re-qualification annually. Both of these activities bring about a great deal of pain because of my arthritis. I believe the magnetic necklace has helped reduce that pain significantly.

David Spielman

I bought a single bracelet in Hamburg from you. I liked it very much and it really helped with my broken ribs and my shingles.

Kathryn Bolton

My friend Roger bought a magnetic bracelet from you at the gun show. He was skeptical about the whole idea, but since he suffered from rather bad arthritis, it was worth a try to get relief without drugs for the price of a dinner out. He told me that within 6 or 8 hours, he was amazed at the level of relief the bracelet began to generate.

I have a chronic rotator cup problem, but more troublesome, a recent sprain in my left wrist doesn’t want to heal. I put on Roger’s bracelet and within 8 hours, I was surprised by a significant reduction in pain in the bad wrist. After ordering a bracelet for myself, I find it’s helping to control the pain without the need for analgesics. If I take it off for an extended period, a full day or overnight, the pain begins to return. Clearly, it’s providing drug-free relief rather than a cure to old structural damage.

Don Buckley

I want to thank you for this product. I was skeptical from the start, but I thought “what the heck” – anything is worth a try for a small amount of money. I have been suffering for years from back pain. I also have arthritis, degenerative disc disease, other disc problems, migraines, and tendonitis flare ups in my elbows. I only bought a single and I think that I probably should have more with all my different areas of pain….but I must say, it is a little better to deal with. My girlfriend also bought one the same day and she has said that she thinks it’s working for her too!

Thanks again!


I bought a ring and bracelet at the Fall crafts fain in Rhinebeck. I am AMAZED. I have had carpel tunnel syndrome for years, but not quite bad enough to have the operation. Since I got the bracelet and ring, I am pain free. I can do pushups in karate without having to stop because of the burning pain in my arm. THANK YOU!

Marie Barker

I purchased one of your bracelets over the summer at the Naples festival. I never realized just how much the bracelet worked until I lost mine. Boy, am I in pain now. Thanks for getting me another one so quickly.

Brenda Hall

Looking forward to my order. A group of us at work all decided to order after the success of my husband’s bracelet at Christmas time. Thanks.

Kathleen Fink

My husband and I purchased bracelets in Hamburg, NY. He was the one that felt the change right away from the double bracelet. I love my bracelet and my blood pressure seems to have come down some.

Carol DeVoe

I am writing to tell you how great I think your magnetic jewelry is. My 4 month old son has the reflux disease. He would wake up during the night choking and gagging and would not be able to sleep a sound sleep. He would also cry in pain after his feedings during the day. I purchased a bracelet for him at the NYS Fair and he has slept soundly and has not woken up choking or gagging and he does not cry in pain after his feedings anymore. It seems so good to have him (and me) get a good night sleep. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Tabitha & Evan


I bought one of your bracelets about 15 minutes after getting to the NYS Fair on Sept 1, 2005. I've been dealing with arm pain from an injury at work (rendering me unable to work) and for the last two years, chest and back pain. My chest was just starting it's daily rise when I put on the bracelet and it stopped it in its tracks.

Every year at the State Fair I look like a truck has hit me by the end of the day. My right leg drags and both feet are swollen, as well as, my hands. This was the first year I didn't have any of that, and I didn't need to take a pain pill all day. In fact, it's now Sept. 5, 2005 and I'm still pretty much pain free. I haven't taken a pain pill since putting on your bracelet. I've tried other magnetic products and they didn't work at all. So to say I was a little bit in disbelief of your product working, is putting it mildly. It has felt so good to not be foggy all day due to medication.

In about two hours I had pointed out to my mother and sister that I was still walking and I wasn't in pain or dizzy, like I am every year. I was able to travel in the car for 4 hours to my older sister's house without a travel pillow and my hands didn't swell or become painful. Toward the end of the day it had worked so well, my mother insisted on getting me another bracelet so I could mix and match. She ended up buying one for herself, as she had polymyalgia.

My sister has had shoulder pain on and off since pulling all the muscles and tendons at work, so she purchased one as well, and purchased one for our cousin who had fibromyalgia. My sister didn't even realize until the next day that her shoulder only hurt when she lifted her arm to shoulder level or higher until the next day. My mother's results weren't as quick or clear, but she says she does seem to have less pain. There's three testimonials for you from one family...all of us tried it and all had varying degrees of results, but all towards the better, especially me.

We talked for quite some time about my injury, which was a damaged nerve and a rare connective tissue disease. You even showed me how to double up on my bracelets, if I was having a particularly painful day. I have to thank you and assure you that I will definitely being purchasing more of your products in the near future.

Sincerely, Lisa D. Ruck

I purchased a double bracelet at the Stone Mills Craft Show. I LOVE the bracelet. Not only is it attractive, its benefits are really amazing. I have been able to nap in the afternoon (which I’ve never been able to do), I sleep better at night, the pain in my shoulder is nearly gone & the mobility is back, and my back pain was reduced. I also bought a necklace for my son and he says that it makes him feel “more even”. Thanks for the quality of life upgrade your bracelet has given me and my son.

Mary Koch

Celebrity Testimonials

"I've suffered from shoulder pains for years. I started experiencing relief within one to two weeks of starting magnetic field therapy. It has been the answer to my prayers."
- Anthony Hopkins - Oscar Winning Actor

"I know what a difference... magnets have made in my life! I would like to help anyone else I can feel this great!"
- Dan Marino, Retired Quarterback - Miami Dolphins

"I've had arthritis since it first came out. I tried every pill, nostrum, and treatment; and then at Dr. Lawrence's suggestion, I tried magnets... I believe they've kept me functioning in relative comfort."
- Dick Van Dyke - Actor

"I've used hundreds of pain relieving products from all over the world and... bio magnetic therapy products have given me the best results."
- Kurt Angle, 1996 Olympic Gold Medalist, Wrestling

"I haven't missed a day of golf in three years. I couldn't play golf without wearing magnets, I guarantee you!"
- Jim Colbert, Professional Golfer, Senior PGA Tour

"...Magnets make me feel like playing baseball again."
- Hank Aaron - Baseball Hall of Fame Inductee

"When I was introduced to magnets, the agonizing discomfort in my knees was greatly reduced. I stopped taking painkillers and several years later I am still pain free.
- Mark Absalom, Pro skier

"Wearing magnets helped me feel well and play well."
- Donna Andrews, Pro golfer LPGA tour

"As an athlete who puts tremendous amounts of stress on my body day after day I have had my share of injuries. I was diagnosed with acute tendonitis in my wrist prior to the U.S. open. I opted to try a magnetic bracelet. I was a little skeptical at first but my wrist felt better within a week."
- Sarah Taylor, WTA Tennis player