Magnetic Connections


Over 140 million people are using magnets for pain relief!

Magnetic therapy dates as far back as the ancient Egyptians. Magnets have long been believed to have healing powers associated with muscle pain and stiffness. Chinese healers as early as 200 B.C. were said to use magnetic lodestones or *magnatite* on the body to correct unhealthy imbalances in the flow of qi, or energy. Magnetic therapy is becoming more and more widely accepted as an alternative method of pain relief. Since the late 1950s, hundreds of studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of magnetic therapy being an effective, non-invasive, drug-free way to help reduce pain, to help increase flexibility and promote the body's own natural healing process.

When referring to magnets, we are not talking about the type of magnets found on refrigerator doors - but biomagnets - those magnets manufactured for physical and mental healing. Biomagnets are named after biomagnetism, the science of magnetism. Biomagnet power is measured in terms of gauss. The earth’s surface is approximately 0.5 gauss. Listed below are typical magnetic strength classifications:

Low gauss (g) = 300 - 700 g
Medium gauss = 1000 - 2500 g
High gauss = 3000 - 6000 g
Super gauss = 7000 - 14000 g

The magnetic closures that we use on our jewelry range in strength from 7,000 gauss to 14,000 gauss. Our jewelry is 2 to 2 ½ times stronger than most products on the market today! In addition to using the magnetic clasps, we also use Magnatite stone beads in many of our designs. Magnatite is 100% naturally magnetic stone unlike many of the man made magnetics or artificially charged magnets that you see in other products today.

Magnetic Therapy has been known to effectively relieve many painful conditions as told to us by our customers. Some of those conditions include:

Back Pain
Body Aches
Carpal Tunnel
Chronic Fatigue Chronic Pain
Frozen Shoulder
Foot Pain & Heel Spurs
High Blood Pressure
Menstrual Cramps
Muscle Cramps & Spasms
Pain associated with Polio
Poor Blood Circulation
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Tennis Elbow
Torn Ligaments

The health benefits from Magnetic Therapy that have been reported are plentiful and include:

Anti-inflammatory activity
Anti-aging benefits
Chronic Pain Relief
Faster healing from injury or surgery
Improved blood circulation
Increased tissue oxygenation
Increased energy and well-being
Increased levels of cellular oxygen
More restful sleep
Pain relief & pain management
Reduction of swelling
Stress relief

How Does It Work:

You might have heard not to mix magnets and electronics because magnets interfere with electronics. Every pain in your body is an electronic transfer from your site of pain (back, wrist, knee, etc.) to your brain. Pain transfers by little electronic flashes or signals from nerve ending to nerve. Studies have shown that by applying a strong enough magnet, 2,400 gauss or higher, the magnet interrupts, intercepts or interferes with the pain signal. Therefore, your brain has no reason to tell you you’re "in pain". Our jewelry does not cure or heal anything. The magnets simply disrupt the pain signals that are traveling in your nervous system. One piece of our jewelry, worn on a pressure point (neck, wrist, or ankle), is usually strong enough for most people to work on their entire body, head to toe.

During the past 155 years, the earth's magnetic field has been declining which has caused increasing health problems. In fact, when astronauts first went into space, they suffered bone calcium loss and muscle cramps from decreased exposure to the earth's magnetic field. Doctors discovered placing artificial magnetic fields in the space capsules effectively kept the astronauts healthier.

Medical Experts on Magnet Therapy

"This is the most exciting thing I have seen since I discovered chiropractic for the first time. All chiropractors should know about magnet therapy."

George A. Rolfs, D.C.
"We now stand on the verge of a great new age in magnetic science and its application - a tool that has been provided by Mother Nature herself."

Dr. Ralph U. Sierra
"The astounding results obtained through magnet therapy give it a place of considerable importance in the field of therapeutics."

Neville S. Bengali, M.D.
"Besides being easy, efficient and inexpensive, magnet therapy holds, furthermore, a total guarantee of safety."

Louis Donnet, M.D.
"It is hoped that the use of magnetic energy can be kept non-prescriptive for easy availability for home and self use."

William H. Philpott, M.D.
"Every family should have a couple of magnets and know how to apply them in minor ailments and infections."

A.K. Battacharya, M.D.
"Our players have used magnets for two years and they have proven to be an effective aid in the recovery of professional football's aches, pains, and injuries."

Ryan Vermillion, M.D.
"Our research has confirmed that magnetic fields can have important effects on nerve growth and regeneration, and may provide other rewards (as well)."

Betty Sisken, Ph.D.

What Some Doctors Have to Say:

"Pain is a universal condition - all of us have it at one time or another… Many people don't like taking drugs, and they are seeking alternative approaches for therapy… I was a skeptic about magnets until I did a study that proved they worked."

- Carlos Vallbona, M.D. - Baylor College of Medicine Dept. of Family and Community Medicine and Distinguished Service Professor
"This is a revolution in the therapy for muscle injuries, joint pain and posture problems. We have treated 4000 patients with whiplash injuries by means of the magnets and cured 80 percent."

- Dr. J.B. Baron, M.D. - Medical Convention at Baylor College of Medicine, Texas
"They (magnets) have proven effective more than 80% of patients… In some cases as carpal tunnel syndrome. . .the success rate is 95%. There's no doubt about it - millions of people can be helped from chronic pain by the use of magnets."

- W. Bradley Worthington, M.D. - Former President of the Tennessee Society of Anesthesiologists
"Our players have used magnets for two years and they have proven to be an effective aid in the recovery of professional football's aches, pains and injuries."

- Ryan Vermillion, M.D. - Director of Rehabilitation for the Miami Dolphins
"The constant wearing of magnetic devices was able to dramatically suppress the neuropathic symptoms of burning pain and numbness and tingling in the diabetic (patients' feet). At the end of 4 months, 90% of diabetic subjects reported a dramatic reduction in foot pain."

- Dr. Michael Weintraub - Phelps Memorial Hospital in North Tarrytown, New York