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Magnetic therapy is considered by many experts to be a safe, non-invasive form of pain therapy though no medical claims can be made concerning its benefits. Our magnetic products are NOT BEING SOLD AS MEDICAL DEVICES or to replace professionally prescribed medical treatment. If you are pregnant or wear a pacemaker or any other electrical implant or device for medical reasons of any kind, please consult your doctor BEFORE using or wearing any magnetic products. If you have ANY concerns regarding the use of magnetics, consult your doctor before use.


It is important that you get a correct measurement when ordering your jewelry. When you measure your wrist or ankle, you do not want to take a tight measurement. You must allow some slack in the measurement. You do not need to wear the magnetic clasp directly against the skin in order for it to work. It is better to be a little loose rather than tight. If the bracelet or anklet is too tight, you can flex and open the magnetic clasp and run the risk of losing your new piece of jewelry. There will be a drop down menu when ordering. Just select the correct size once you've measured. If your size is not listed, you can write it in the COMMENTS area during check out of your order.

The average bracelet size for women is 7 inches.
The average bracelet size for a man is 8 inches.

Typically, anklets run two inches larger than wrist sizes.


We want you to make sure that you order a size that will be comfortable for you or else you will not wear your bracelet every day as recommended to get the most benefit out of the magnetic therapy. To determine the correct size for ordering a bracelet, place an index finger on the underside of the wrist and measure around the wrist AND index finger. This will give you the smallest size to order. If you like to wear bracelets a little looser, add in 1/4 inch.

ANKLETS: Use the same guidelines as ordering a bracelet. When measuring your ankle, measure where you want the jewelry to set on the ankle. Some like the anklet to rest near the ankle and some like the anklet to rest higher up at the narrowest part of the leg. For comfort reasons, it is better not to have the anklet rest below the anklebone.

Any of our single designs can be made into anklets.

We do not make double designs as anklets because they do not sit comfortable against the taper of the leg.


We recommend wearing our jewelry 24 hours a day, even to bed, to get the most benefit from the magnetic therapy. Many people have reported getting excellent sleep patterns when wearing magnetics while sleeping.

The magnetic clasps are double and triple coated and water can start to remove the coating. The magnets will still be as effective, though may not look as nice. When the jewelry is repeated exposed to wetness or extreme moisture, the line that we use to string the jewelry can start to deteriorate, and even break. We recommend taking off our jewelry when showering, bathing, swimming, hot tubbing, etc.

If you use a pacemaker, electronic life support, or are pregnant, BEFORE using or wearing any magnetic products.

The magnets are so strong that we have had reports of batteries draining or watches being affected in three days or less.

Our average customer reports feeling a difference from wearing our magnetic jewelry in 3 to 5 days. Some have felt it in as little as a few minutes or hours, while some have taken two to four weeks to feel a difference. The longest timeframe that we have had reported for results was 45 days. If you wear the jewelry continuously and allow your system to cycle or get accustomed to the magnetics, it will eventually "kick in", so please don't give up on it. We still get stories daily from our customers that can't believe the difference once it did finally "kick in".

Since most people cannot put on magnetics and feel immediate relief, we recommend wearing our jewelry continuously, except when in water, to get the most benefit from the magnetic therapy. If the jewelry has already cycled with your system and then is NOT worn for 24 to 48 hours, your symptoms or pain that the magnets have already helped relieve will return. Many times we have had customers wear our pieces and have thought they were not working until they removed them. Once removed, and much to their amazement, their pains and symptoms came back. Needless to say, they started wearing the jewelry again!

Since every body is different, it is different for everybody. The degree of relief will vary with each person. Some people reported pain relief like a switch being clicked off and they received immediate relief once the magnetics "kicked in" with their system. Other customers reported that they had gradual relief and that their relief increased over time as they continued to wear their jewelry. Still others reported not seeming to feel any relief when worn continuously for weeks. Since their relief was so gradual, they didn't think it was working until they removed the jewelry for more than 24 hours and their symptoms came back. Some people's bodies can pick up magnetics quite quickly - in seconds or in minutes - and they might feel strange when first wearing them. If it makes them uncomfortable, these people usually just need to introduce the magnets more slowly to their system by wearing just a few minutes a day for a few days to let their body get accustomed to the magnets. Then wear them for longer periods of time until they are able to wear them all day. Some people can feel more sensitive in the area they are trying to get relief in. This is usually due to their bodies picking up the magnetics quickly and having it start working immediately in that area. If it is too uncomfortable, they need to introduce the magnets more slowly to their system as mentioned above.



We will repair your piece of jewelry if it should ever become broken.

We use materials that surpass normal jewelry standards in order to ensure longevity. The jewelry should not break unless uncommon stress is put upon it or it is repeatedly exposed to wetness or extreme moisture.


If you have a piece of jewelry that needs to be repaired or restrung, please send any beads that you have along with the string and magnets. Please indicate what size it should be when repaired as well as describe the bead pattern if necessary so we can make it the correct design. Please include a daytime phone number in case we need to contact you with any questions.

Please send in a padded envelope with $5.00 for return shipping and handling to

Magnetic Connections
Jeff Becker
625 Elmgrove Road
Rochester, NY 14606

We'll get it fixed and sent back out to you.

(The reason for the padded envelope is that the US Postal equipment is magnetic and the jewelry will stick to their equipment when it is sorted and we will get an empty envelope and not receive anything to repair.)


We will have your order delivered by US Postal Service unless other arrangements have been made. There will be a minimum shipping charge of $5.00 added to each order placed. Our shopping cart on our website uses PayPal for credit card purchases. There will be no delay in your order when using PayPal as your payment method. If you choose to pay by check, please list that information in the COMMENT area during checkout. Orders will not be shipped until your check has cleared our bank. Your order will arrive in a bubble wrap padded envelope for protection of your jewelry. This padded envelope will also allow your order to get through the magnetic sorting equipment at the post office.


Our shopping cart on our website uses PayPal for credit card purchases. There will be no delay in your order when using PayPal as your payment method. If you choose to pay by check, please list that information in the COMMENT area during checkout of your order. Your order will not be shipped until your check has cleared our bank.

You can also call us and we can take your credit card information over the phone.


If your magnets are becoming worn, we can replace them with a new set of magnets. The charge is $5.00 for replacing the magnets on a single design (bracelet, necklace, anklet) and $10.00 for replacing magnets on a double bracelet. Please mail in a padded envelope with a note requesting what you would like changed.


Periodically we recommend wiping the contact ends of the magnets to prevent particles or dust to collect and prevent the magnets from closing properly. Wiping vigorously on a piece of cloth (I personally use my jeans) usually does the trick. If you have any leftover dust that is just being pushed from side to side, use a piece of tape to lift it off the magnets. You can also use a dry toothbrush to clean out the inside of the magnets or between the beads. We do not recommend using any liquids.


Pet Collars start at $20.00 & go up in price depending on length selected. Each collar contains a 7,000 gauss magnet at the closure. For double strength collars, just order 2 strands & we'll build them to sit together.

SIZING: To determine size, we recommend measuring around your pet's current collar so that their magnetic collar can rest in the same area. If they don't wear a collar, measure around their neck area and leave a little slack, as the magnetic collar should move freely around their neck to allow full range of movement.

SAFETY BANDS: An elastic safety band will be added to all pet collars unless otherwise noted. This will allow the magnet to open, but not be dropped from around the pet's neck.

DESIGN IDEAS: For more design ideas, any of our Ladies or Mens Single designs can be made into collars.


Hopefully this can clarify the difference between our jewelry and other magnetic jewelry and why the clasp is the important key in our jewelry.

There are many kinds of magnetic jewelry out on the market place today - whether stretchy bracelets with magnetic beads, gold & silver types with the dot magnets under the links, to the varieties that you can buy from K-Mart or Wal-Mart. Nikken is one of the biggest magnetics company in the world and their jewelry is made with good gold and silver making it very costly, but still effective for many people.

Gauss is the rating of magnetic strength or pull of magnets. Most of the inexpensive pieces on the market today (Wal-Mart or the kind with the magnet dots under the links) have strength of approximately 500 to 1000 gauss. The bracelet with the gold balls on the ends (style done by quite a few companies) is about 1800 gauss. The stretchy bracelets with the magnetic beads differ in strength based on the beads contained in the bracelet. The bracelet can only be as strong as the strongest single bead in it. You cannot add up 10 beads of say 200 gauss strength and have it be 2000 gauss because the beads are not any more powerful just because they are next to each other. They individually still have the same pull or strength. Most individual magnetic beads do not have a gauss rating of over 500 to 1,000 gauss.

The base minimum for pressure point magnetic pain therapy is 2400 gauss. Studies have shown that 2400 gauss strength is enough to penetrate your skin and does not need to be worn on a specific area of pain in order for it to work. It can be worn on a pressure point - neck, wrist, or ankle - and still be effective and travel to other parts of the body where the pain is to relieve those areas. Each single piece of our jewelry - bracelet, anklet, or necklace - starts at a minimum of 7,000 gauss!

How we accomplish that is with the magnetic closures or clasps that we had designed especially for our business. The closures contain both north and south magnets that are a total of 7,000 gauss. When you have a magnet that is that strong, it penetrates the skin and picks up the iron in your blood that is passing by the magnet and the magnetic energy then travels around your body. The key to having it penetrate your skin is having a strong enough, therapeutic magnet to do the job and we do at 7,000 gauss! We are one of the few companies that even have therapeutic strength magnets in any of their pieces. So if you have back pain, you do not need to wear it on your back you can wear it on your wrist (or neck or ankle) and the magnetic energy from the clasp will travel to the back area to provide the therapy there.

Because of this therapeutic strength in the closure, we can make jewelry using non-magnetic and/or semi-precious stones and still have our product be extremely effective. It does not need to have every piece be magnetic in order for it to work. Even if we were to make our jewelry with all magnetic beads (which range in gauss strength from 50 gauss to 1,500 gauss), the beads do not make the bracelet any stronger since the strongest point of the jewelry is the closure. Because our closures are therapeutic and so strong, we can make more stylish pieces and have them be extremely effective whether we use magnetic beads or whether we use semi-precious stones.

This faceted bead is typically one of the strongest used in stretchy bracelets and lariat style pieces, but only contains about 2,000 gauss of strength, which is below the magnetic pain therapy guidelines. If we use this bead in our jewelry, it does not make the jewelry 2,000 gauss stronger since the clasp at 7,000 gauss already surpasses that strength.

To sum it all up, our jewelry pieces are at magnetic therapy strength of 7,000 gauss because of the strength of the closure and our closures contain one of the strongest strength magnets available on the market today.


We thank your for your business and we appreciate our customers! The reports and testimonials that we receive back from our customers say that they appreciate us also. If you are a satisfied customer, we would appreciate it if you would recommend us to your family and friends. Word of mouth is a great method of referral. Another is the business card. Please feel free to copy the image of our card to pass on to whomever needs some magnetic therapy.

And again, we thank you for your business!


We currently sell our jewelry on our website and at weekend arts & crafts or event shows. We travel to New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania to attend shows of 5000+ people in attendance. We are always looking for new shows in new areas. If you know of any shows in your area, that have 5,000 or more people in attendance, we would like to come and be a part of it. Please send us an e-mail (no phone calls please) with information regarding the show. If we can secure a booking for a show or event that we do not already know about, and you were the first person to let us know, you can have your pick of any piece of jewelry at that show as our thank you for the referral.

Let's Compare......
Magnetic Connections jewelry pieces all contain magnetic clasps in both their single and double designs.

Our single designs - bracelets, necklaces, & anklets - all start with 7,000 gauss of strength.

Our double designs - typically bracelets - are 14,000 gauss in strength.

Other companies' magnetic pieces are listed below with their various strengths.

HIGH STRENGTH magnetic bracelet
Each bracelet has magnets of 1700 gauss in strength.

These multi-directional ball bracelets each contain a 2000 gauss magnet.

Each bracelet contains 1700 gauss magnets.

Each bracelet has a 1200 gauss magnet in each link.