Magnetic Connections

Most Designs are available in bracelets, anklets, or necklaces.

4mm Pearls

Pet Collars start at $20.00 & go up depending on length selected.

Each collar contains a 7,000 gauss magnet at the closure.

For double strength collars, just order 2 strands & we'll build them to sit together.

All lengths are in INCH measurements. If you need a size that is not listed, please specify the correct length in the COMMENT area at checkout.

SIZING: To determine size, we recommend measuring around your pet's current collar so that their magnetic collar can rest in the same area.

If they don't wear a collar, measure around their neck area and leave a little slack as the magnetic collar should move freely around their neck to allow full range of movement.

SAFETY BANDS: An elastic safety band will be added to all pet collars unless otherwise noted. This will allow the magnet to open, but not be dropped from around the pet's neck.

DESIGN IDEAS: For more design ideas, any of our Ladies or Mens Single designs can be made into collars.


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